Professional Development

Mentoring Educators Teaching Robotics and Innovation in Computer Science (METRICS) Program

Nevada Robotics recently launched a program to teach Washoe County K-5 teachers how to build and code robots while teaching ELA, math, financial literacy, computer science, and engineering. Thanks to the Washoe K-12 Education Foundation, we implemented METRICS in two schools in the 22-23 school year. With additional funding from the Econmic Development Authority of Western Nevada and Nevada Govenor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology, we’re continuing this work  with 8 new schools across Northern NV into the 23-24 school year!


Thanks to the generous, ongoing support of Tesla and Nevada Gold Mines, the Robotics Academy of Nevada (RAN) event is a multiday teacher training for educators to become robotics coaches and to increase teacher confidence to bring more CS-STEM robotics into the classrooms. Teachers experience training workshops in a variety of robotics platforms, learning the fundamentals of designing, building, and programming a robot. In addition to hands-on workshops, participants attend speaker sessions with local robotics/CS-STEM professionals, educators, and experts. The training event is a great opportunity to network with local robotics coaches and educators – new and experienced.

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