Thanks to the generous, ongoing support of Tesla and Nevada Gold Mines, the Robotics Academy of Nevada (RAN) event is a week-long teacher training for educators to become robotics coaches and to increase teacher confidence to bring more STEM robotics into the classrooms. Teachers experience a week-long training course in a variety of robotics platforms, learning the fundamentals of designing, building, and programming a robot. In addition to hands-on workshops, participants attend speaker sessions with local robotics/STEM professionals, educators, and experts. The training event is a great opportunity to network with local robotics coaches – new and experienced.

A teacher with long brown hair and a teal shirt works on building a metallic robot.


The goal of the Robotics Academy of Nevada is to empower our educators to inspire, facilitate, and coach robotics education at their schools and to integrate robotics and STEM education into the classroom setting.


I have learned more in this training than I have in years of educational trainings.

Virtual Robotics Academy of Nevada Trainee

A teacher sits at a green table with a small robot and a laptop.


  • Short-Term: Teachers and coaches are given proper training and support, so students are prepared and participate in robotics competitions.
  •  Long-Term: Once students participate in robotics competitions, they have a better understanding of STEM fields and have a desire to pursue STEM careers.
  • To increase robotics and STEM education in the classroom setting.


  • Robotics training institutes throughout the state of Nevada, run by competent coaches and educators.
  • Ongoing support and training of aspiring robotics coaches from communities all over Nevada.
  • Program evaluation and improvement based on feedback from participants and robotics professionals.
Two teachers work on a laptop to write code for a robot program.


UNR Logo
UNR Logo

Apr 16, 2019

New Robotics Academy of Nevada to Offer K-12 Teacher Trainings

The Robotics Academy of Nevada – a new statewide professional development program funded by Tesla’s K-12 Education Investment Fund – is being developed by the Desert Research Institute…

Jun 20, 2019

Campus-based, Tesla-supported Academy Helps Teachers Advance STEM…

The Robotics Academy of Nevada is helping 60 Northern Nevada middle and high-school teachers sharpen their teaching skills, introduce engineering and robotics into their classrooms…

May 23, 2019

UNLV, Tesla Partner on Robotics Academy for K-12 Teachers

The Robotics Academy of Nevada – a new statewide professional development program funded by Tesla’s K-12 Education Investment Fund – will launch this summer…

Short documentary on the Robotics Academy of Nevada training event and robotics education in Nevada, from June 2021.

Filmed and produced by The 74.



Year Dates Location Nevada Robotics Training Events
2018 Nov. 2 – 4 Las Vegas VEX Coaches Training – South
2018 Nov. 16 – 18 Reno VEX Coaches Training – North
2018 Dec. 1 Reno Solar Rollers Teacher Training – North
2019 May 27 – 31 Las Vegas RAN 5-Day Teacher Training – South
2019 June 17 – 21 Reno RAN 5-Day Teacher Training – North
2019 Sept. 21 Las Vegas RAN Refresher – South
2019 Sept. 28 Reno RAN Refresher – North
2019 Nov. 8 – 9 Las Vegas VEX IQ Elementary Teacher Training – South
2019 Dec. 13 – 14 Reno VEX IQ Elementary Teacher Training – North
2020 June 16 – 18 Virtual VEX IQ Elementary Teacher Training for Title 1 Schools
2020 June 23 – 25 Virtual VEX IQ Elementary Teacher Training for Title 1 Schools
2020 Nov. 4 – 5 and 7 Virtual VEX GO for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers
2021 June 21 – 25 Reno/Las Vegas/Virtual Robotics Academy of Nevada



This event is a collaboration with higher education institutions, robotics education organizations, industry and community partners, and school district personnel. The RAN will be led by the Desert Research Institute’s Nevada Robotics with the following partners in each sector.

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