Four photos arranged in a square formation. Each photo shows adults working on robotics kits and coding on computers.

We had a successful week at the Robotics Academy of Nevada – with engaged and dedicated educators from across the state. Participants were trained on four robotics platforms (FLL, VEX IQ, FIRST WeDo, & VEX GO), both virtually and in-person at our two training events held in Reno and Las Vegas. The event was held the week of June 21st – 25th, 2021. 


Three adults sit at a steel table and build a small robot.

We are excited to see interest and engagement in robotics education increase across the state. This event allowed us to connect participants with invaluable hands-on learning opportunities, knowledgable REC and FIRST trainers, and the network of robotics educators in their region.

Summary of the Event:

Individual Educators Trained Statewide

Nevada Schools Represented

Educators Trained on VEX Robotics

RAN Workshop Attendees


Schools Represented Are Title 1 Status

Educators Trained on FIRST Robotics

Educators Trained on the VEX IQ Platform

Educators Trained on the FLL Platform

Educators Trained on the FIRST WeDo, VEX GO, & KIBO Platforms

Thank you to all who attended, both virtually and in-person, and to our wonderful sponsors and partners that made this training possible. 

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