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Types of Bots


Nevada Robotics runs Robot Lending Libraries with branches in Reno, Las Vegas, and Elko. Robots are available for Nevada Robotics-trained teachers and are checked out for a quarter at a time.

Newer additions to the Lending Library include Ozobots and CoDrones Edu. Ozobots are accessible to students from ages preschool to high school. They use color coding so that even non-readers can learn to code the bots. Ozobots are small, round robots that fit into a preschooler’s palm. The Ozobots were added to the Lending Library this fall thanks to funding from the Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation. CoDrones Edu are educational drones for middle and high schoolers. Currently, several JROTC programs at area high schools have checked out drones for classroom use and to prepare for the 2023-2024 drone competition season.

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PreK & Up

Touch Code or Use Coder Cards


3rd grade & Up

Build & Code


5th grade & Up

Build, Code, Compete


2nd Grade & Up

Draw or Block Code


3rd-8th Grades

Build & Code

LEGO Spike Prime

4th-8th Grades

Build, Code, Compete

FIRST WeDO (LEGO Education)

2nd-4th Grades

Build & Code

CoDrone Edu.

6th Grade & Up

Control & Code

(Reno only)

What educators say about the Robot Lending Library

“Many of my (students) have done some coding, but they are learning that the coding translates into some actual object moving in the world. I can really see (students) persevere when challenged or when things don’t go as planned.” – Clark County Elementary Teacher
Watching my students use the engineering design process to create improvements has been inspiring.” – Elko Elementary School Teacher
“Writing code is just like writing! It needs a beginning, middle, and end. Learning about angles IS important! Students realized that a 90 degree angle is a good benchmark to work from when trying to maneuver their robot through a course.” – Douglas County Elementary Teacher

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