Robot Recipe STEM Kit – The Overview

Dive into the field of robotics with the new “Robot Recipe” STEM Kit developed by Nevada Robotics in partnership with DRI’s Science Alive!

STEM Kits are uniquely designed to support formal (classroom) and informal (out of the classroom) use. They can be implemented as quick lessons between classroom units, in afterschool programming, science clubs, libraries, and at science nights! Each kit includes step-by-step lesson plans, all necessary materials and technology for up to 150 participants of all ages, and can be completed in a single session or easily expanded into longer lessons.

Any Nevada educator can rent the Robot Recipe STEM Kit for FREE starting March 1st via Science Alive’s website. Visit , click on “Green Boxes”, then select the “Reserve a Green Box” button. This will direct your browser to the reservation site where you can access the Robot Recipe kit on the “STEM Kits” tab.

Robot Recipe STEM Kit – The Stations

Station 1 – Simple Machines

Participants will build simple machines to complete mini-engineering challenges and gain an understanding of how a robot’s mechanical body is built with these seemingly simple contraptions. 

Station 2 – Sensors

Participants will solve a mystery with their senses alone, learning the importance of our senses to how we understand our environment. They will use the connections they make between human senses and robot sensors to learn how to drive a KiwiCo Light-Chasing Robot. Learn more about the KiwiCo Light Chasing Robot by clicking here!

Station 3 – Coding

Participants will explore basic coding concepts through two code sequencing activities. Distilling the concepts learned in the first activity, participants will draw lines of colored code to teach an Ozobot how to move around. Learn more about Ozobot Robots by clicking here!

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