Our Team

Meet the team who is working to bring robotics to every child in Nevada.

The Visionary

AJ Long leads the Nevada Robotics Team and serves as the Engineering Education Lead. She has a long history of working in education beginning after college when she worked as an outdoor adventure educator. Since 1995, AJ has taught middle school science and math then later served as a school administrator. Her passion is working with young people and supporting teachers.

“As a life-long learner and former teacher, I can meet teachers where they are and help them grow their confidence teaching robotics, engineering, and computer science.”

The Stats Star

As a former third grade and middle school teacher, Claire has experienced working with students and teachers at various levels. During teacher trainings she “loves seeing the teachers light up and realize that they can do robotics.” She observes that it is typically no longer than 30 minutes into trainings when teachers realize they can effectively use robots as learning tools in the classroom. At Nevada Robotics Claire focuses on grants and reporting. 

 “We are filling a gap, too, by providing robotics and computer science professional development for elementary school teachers.”

Education Team - creators, makers, instructors, and designers

Jill Strawder-Bubala

Engineering Education Communicatons – Reno, NV

Shay Satmary

Robotics Assistant & Website Admin – Reno, NV

Rebecca Kufeld

Rural Robotics Coordinator – Elko, NV

Samantha Pemelton

Rural Robotics Assistant –  Elko, NV

Michelle Gallivan-Wallace

Robotics Education Aide – Reno, NV

College Staff - supporters, helpers, organizers, & problem-solvers

Mikayla Ward

Robotics Outreach Coach – Las Vegas

BS: Environmental Science & Ed, NSC

Kemma Kolstrup

Robotics Outreach Coach – Reno

BS: Biomedical Engineering, UNR

Allison Phillips

Robotics Outreach Coach – Reno

BS: Mechanical Engineering, UNR

Bryce DuHamel

Robotics Outreach Coach – Reno

BS: Graduate – Physics, UNR

Kai Frudden

Drone Project Assistant – Reno

BS: Mechanical Engineering, UNR

young woman  smiling next to tree

Pattra Gulbag

Robotics Outreach Coach – Reno

BS: Electrical Engineering, UNR

woman in sunglasses and hat smiling

Stephanie Du

Robotics Outreach Coach – Reno

BS: Computer Science & Engineering, UNR

Hayden Zamboanga

Robotics Outreach Coach – Reno

BS: Computer Science & Engineering, UNR

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