Nevada Robotics Curriculum

Books & Bots

Books and Bots is curriculum developed by Nevada Robotics staff that partners popular story books with VEX 123 robotics lessons to promote literacy and teach computer science. All lessons meet state computer science, math, and ELA standards. Lessons may also meet art standards. Each lesson provides the opportunity for teachers to incorporate Social Emotional Learning competencies. Books & Bots lessons are accompanied by a School-Home Connection. These handouts are for students to take home to their parents and guardians and provide information about the Books & Bots lesson. They also include home activities and extensions that children can do with their families. Each School-Home Connection includes a DRI scientist profile so children can learn about the research that is happening around the state and world. 

Two students working together to build a robot.


Always Anjali: After Anjali cannot find a personalized license plate for her bike, she is teased about her “different” name and asks her parents for a new one. They refuse, and Anjali discovers the story of her name and just how wonderful it is.

1st Grade

Mousetranaut: Meteor is a tiny mouse who works harder than all the other mice to travel in space and is selected by the astronauts. In flight, disaster strikes, the other mice are terrified, and Meteor saves the day thanks to his small size.

2nd Grade

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs: Told from the perspective of the “big, bad, wolf” this tale puts a spin on PERSPECTIVE when it is revealed what really happened when the wolf encountered the pigs.

3rd Grade

Fry Bread: This Native American story illustrates the cultural and generational importance of food in families. Fry Bread is art and much more, not just food.

4th/5th Grade

Where Are You From?: When a child questions where she is from, her abuelo responds with beautiful language that reveal the real place we all come from – love and the people who came before us.


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Integrate Robotics

We believe that robotics can be a tool to teach all content areas. By integrating robotics activities into ELA and math, student engagement is increased and mastery of the Nevada Academic Content Standards are met.

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