A FIRST coach shares robotics knowledge with students.

Become a Robotics Coach

Who Is a Robotics Coach?

A robotics coach guides and supports students on their journeys to understand robots and engage in robotics competitions. If you’d like to know more, click on the button below to read our rookie coaches guide!

Two teachers sit at a table with a small VEX robot.
A group of students in white lab coats stand around a robotics playing field.

Robotics Resources for Coaches 

Training for Coaches


We host and co-host multiple robotics focused trainings for Nevada coaches and educators throughout the year. In the summer we hold our yearly, week-long Robotics Academy of Nevada event for all robotics educators in the state. These trainings are meant to help introduce robotics and robotics competitions to new coaches, reinforce and support key concepts for experienced coaches, and give space for networking within the robotics community. Check this page or our upcoming events page periodically for trainings, student and community events.

Robotics Coach Survey

We value your input! As educators you are the experts in what it takes to have a successful robotics team, club or class. Take the 2020-2021 survey to share your feedback on your experiences with our latest and past offerings as well as any current needs. Your thoughts, needs and feedback will be used to tailor our spring and summer offerings. 
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