A FIRST coach shares robotics knowledge with students.

Become a Robotics Coach

Who Is a Robotics Coach?

A robotics coach guides and supports students on their journeys to understand robots and engage in robotics competitions. If you’d like to know more, click on the button below to read our rookie coaches guide!

Two teachers sit at a table with a small VEX robot.
A group of students in white lab coats stand around a robotics playing field.

Educator Training Dates

Attend any of the training sessions linked below to learn more about being a robotics coach as well as technical robotics skills!

Summer Robotics Academy of Nevada

What is RAN?

The Robotics Academy of Nevada offers a free, week-long summer training session to K-12 teachers in Nevada who are interested in robotics education or forming a robotics team. Training has historically taken place in person, so subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and stay tuned to know exactly how and when training will commence this upcoming summer!

Two educators learn on a laptop at a Robotics Academy of Nevada training session.
Two educators tinker with a robot and laugh at a Robotics Academy of Nevada training session.

Robotics Academy Trainings

Click the button below to view our calendar and register for upcoming events and workshops.

Robotics Resources for Educators 

Robotics Educator Survey

We value your input! As educators you are the experts in what it takes to have a successful robotics team, club or class. Take the 2020-2021 survey to share your feedback on your experiences with our latest and past offerings as well as any current needs. Your thoughts, needs and feedback will be used to tailor our spring and summer offerings. 

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