For all students across Nevada to think creatively and solve complex problems through hands-on robotics education.



    To collaborate with community and industry partners in delivering engaging robotics education to Nevada’s K – 12 students.



      Diagram showing the benefits of robotics education for students entering a STEM workforce or pursuing a STEM degree at a college or university.


      K – 12 Education

      • Provide ongoing robotics training to in-service and pre-service teachers across Nevada.
      • Develop and distribute robotics curricula and resources to all teachers.

      Informal Education

      • Engage students with after-school robotics programs, targeting Title 1 schools
        Support competitive robotics programs.

      • Develop a workforce with robotics knowledge and experience. 

      Family Engagement

      • Host and/or participate in Family STEM and robotics nights.
      • Girls in STEM and robotics events.
      • Mentoring opportunities.
      Students show off their robot at a VEX/REC event.
      Three smiling students sit at a table with a robot and building tools.


      • Our advisory council shares its expertise and outreach connections with the robotics community.
      • Create connections among industry, students, and robotics.
      • Build relationship networks to help robotics teams afford the equipment, competitions, travel expenses, and ongoing teacher training.
      • Work in collaboration with our statewide partners to develop robotics programs for all Nevada K – 12 students.


        • Increase Nevada’s workforce pipeline of engineers, scientists, and technical professionals.
        • Increase the number of students entering STEM fields in Nevada’s two and four-year colleges and universities.
        • Increase access to robotics opportunities in rural and low-income urban communities across Nevada.
        • Increase diversity and inclusion of STEM and robotics for girls, young women, and underrepresented populations.
          A robotics team cheer on their teammate as they handle a robot in a competition field.
          Four students smile at the camera from behind a table. Two small robots sit on the table in front of them.


          Nevada Robotics works in partnership with two non-profit robotics programs:
          FIRST Nevada and the REC Foundation. Click on each to learn more.

          Logo for FIRST Nevada robotics.
          Logo for the REC Foundation


          Chris Reilly

          Workforce Development and Education Lead, Tesla

          Melissa Schultz

          Compliance and Engagement Specialist, Nevada Gold Mines

          Amelia Gulling

          Vice President of Development and Marketing, REC Foundation

          Dale Payne

          Robotics Coordinator, Washoe County School District

          Nikki Meador

          STEM Project Facilitator, Career & Technical Education Department

          Angela Quick

          Regional Director, FIRST Nevada

          Dr. Dave Feil-Seifer

          Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, UNR

          Amy Fleming

          Director of Workforce Development, Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada

          Nancy Maldonado

          Vice President of Education, PBS Reno

          Dr. Brendan O'Toole

          Director of the Center for Materials and Structures, UNLV
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