In July, 2018 Tesla selected the Desert Research Institute to receive Tesla’s Nevada K-12 Education Invesment Funding to support Nevada Robotics.  The Nevada Robotics program was born from this initial investment. Two years later, Nevada Gold Mines chose us to partner with as well.



    For all students across Nevada to think creatively and solve complex problems through hands-on robotics education.



      To collaborate with community and industry partners in delivering engaging robotics education to Nevada’s K – 12 students.


        NV Robotics staff smiling at check-in table at a teacher training

        OUR TEAM



        LAS VEGAS

        AJ Long

        Engineering & Robotics Education Manager

        Phone: 775-830-3287

        Email: AJ.Long@dri.edu

        Claire Parker

        Engineering Education Coordinator

        Shay Satmary

        Robotics Program Assistant & Website Administrator

        Jill Strawder-Bubala

        Engineering Education Communications

        College Support Staff

        Reagan Brown

        Robotics Outreach Coach

        • Mathematics BA, Nevada Teach

        Stephanie Du

        Robotics Outreach Coach

        • BS Computer Science

        Pattra Gulbag

        Robotics Outreach Coach

        • BS Electrical Engineering

        Kemma Kolstrup

        Robotics Outreach Coach

        • BS Biomedical Engineering 

        Allison Phillips

        Robotics Outreach Coach

        • BS Mechanical Engineering

        Hayden Zamboanga

        Robotics Outreach Coach

        • BE Computer Science & Engineering Computer Science 

        Larson Rivera

        Robotics Outreach Coach

        • Electrical Engineering, Emphasis in Robotic, Autonomous & Embedded Systems Design

        Joshua Knight & Denielle Oliva

        Robotics Volunteers

        Rebecca Kufeld

        Rural Robotics Coordinator

        Samantha Pemelton

        Rural Robotics Education Assistant

        Mikayla Ward

        Robotics Education Assistant

        Mikayla runs our Robot Lending Library in Las Vegas.

        •  BS Environmental Science & Education, NSC


        Nevada Robotics works in partnership with two non-profit robotics programs:
        FIRST Nevada and the REC Foundation. Click on each to learn more.

        Logo for FIRST Nevada robotics.
        REC Foundation Logo
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