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Nevada Robotics is an educational organization with the vision to give all students the opportunity to be creative and problem-solve through hands-on robotics education and experiences. We partner with community, industry and educational partners to create, support, and deliver robotics education to both Nevada’s teachers and students. We work closely in partnership with two non-profit robotics programs – FIRST Nevada and The REC Foundation.

Our mission is to collaborate with community and industry partners in delivering engaging robotics education to Nevada’s PreK-12 students, teachers, and families.

The Nevada Robotics vision is for all students across Nevada to think creatively and solve complex problems through hands-on robotics education. This collective state-wide effort is designed to ultimately inspire K-12 students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Some of our program highlights from 2020-2021 include:

  •  Virtual & In-Person Robotics Trainings for Educators
  • Hands-On Robotics Kits for Students 
  • STEM Works! PBS x Nevada Robotics STEM Career Video Series Collaboration
  • Online Resources for Educators and Robotics Coaches
  • Community and School Connections

– Increase diversity and inclusion of robotics and STEM education for girls and underrepresented populations.

– Increase the number of students entering STEM fields in Nevada’s two and four-year colleges and universities.

– Increase access to robotics opportunities in rural and low-income urban communities across Nevada.

– Increase Nevada’s workforce pipeline of engineers, scientists, and technical professionals.


Family Science Night at the Discovery

Come learn about the energy cycle, recycling technologies, and more! You’re invited to Family Science Night at the Discovery!

April 12th - VEX GO Training at The K-12 Robotics Center

Join DRI’s Nevada Robotics program on Tuesday, April 12th from 5pm – 8pm to learn how to build and code a robot designed for elementary-age students called – VEX GO… 

2021-22 FTC Freight Frenzy Workshops/Webinars

Join FIRST Nevada for this year’s FIRST Tech Challenge Freight Frenzy Workshops & Webinars. Date, locations, times, and events are subject to change…



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